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Eicher 10.50

The 4-Tyre Advantage

This 5.4-ton GVW vehicle has the highest power to GVW ratio in its category. It is often referred to as a 4-tyre advantage to the owner where advantages are packed in

Eicher 10.59

Bigger Power, Greater Economy

This 3.35 payload truck has a large loading area, which ensures greater economies to the owner. Packed with additional features like Low Coolant Alarm, Engine Inspection

Eicher 10.80


The EICHER 10.80 has HIGH load  carrying capacity and its strong aggregates give it much longer life than the other vehicle in its class. It is reputed for its higher fuel

Eicher 10.95


The Eicher 10.95 not only offers the Eicher E2 advantage of high fuel efficiency, but is also known for its low maintenance cost, driving comfort & re-sale value. In addition to this,

Eicher 11.12


The Eicher  11.12 is a tough & rugged vechile which can easily carry heavy load on hilly terrains. With stronger aggregates, the vechile has an unbeatable lead in high density load

Eicher 11.10 E2 Plus Series


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